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LAKKARS has started E-commerce platform to get closer with customers worldwide, along with a respected other suppliers & resellers.


Our journey began in 2010

Lakkars Shoppy Platform is not just in India, but to countries like the US, the UK, and Australia and other countries too. Lakkars Unique Threads, plenty weavers who weave sarees based on Lakkars Style. “We have learned in the past few years what sells and what colors are in. Based on that we get some of these sarees in Ecommerce. Our focus is always on quality and colors.”

A perfect colour for your every Occasion

Designed to be versatile

In any area of activity, we having a well-defined ecommerce and Implemented platform and marketing strategy is ideal for our Business to grow and be quality, color in the most varied ways possible. This is because it is from these Strategies that we get more people to know our brand and products get attract more customers.

Simplicity in design and form

We’re just get started

Lakkars businesses in the Sarees industry that have chosen a stylish ecommerce website theme, customized for online store, added products, and got ready to accept payments. Sarees are indeed the most popular Indian ethnic wear for women. A saree is basically a long piece of cloth, draped around the body in a variety of different styles. Different regions have a special type of saree.

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